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Network Configuration

Also known as Network setup, Network configuration is the method of setting a network's control, working operation, flow to support the network channel of any organization or individual. It includes multiple configuration and setup processes on software, network hardware, and other network devices and components.

We provide network configuration of the following-

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  • Fixed Broadband Internet High-speed Internet connection as private networks in homes, schools, businesses and other organizations usually link to the Internet via fixed broadband. Due to the increased cost of the structure, availability of these Internet services is sometimes limited to cities and suburbs. We help you in the configuration of this network.
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  • Mobile Internet Cellular network uses a wide variety of wireless networks and protocols such as 2G, 3G, 4G and (future) 5G standard families. Being available in all areas and affordable, this network is a must requirement for each individual and organization.
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  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Special kind of network that consists hardware, software, and connections to help and keep client-server network communication protected over a public network through a process called tunneling. This network requires special setup from skilled network specialists.
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  • Dial-up Networks To enable TCP/IP communication over the telephone line, Dial-up networks are configured. We help you to set up high-speed Dial-up networks.
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  • Local Area Networks (LAN) People prefer association of their computer with LAN than any other type of network connection. We help you to install and get LAN setup, maintenance and get advantages of the same.
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  • Direct Networks The WEBANGEL TECHNOLOGIES between two devices that cannot be shared by the third person I called direct network or peer-to-peer networks. We assist you and configure such wireless connections for your house and industry.

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