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Dashboard Portals-

To design a beautiful, usable admin interface for better accessing the admin interface. A dashboard is used for a specific set of tasks by an individual or smaller group of people. The tasks may include checking data, enhancing content, editing images & updating profile etc.

We use specific designs to make it easily accessible dashboard for the client. Special focus is given to the typography, relevant links & content which is of utmost use within the portal.

We focus more on dynamic features, smaller branding & bigger content to improve the user experience.

Responsive Layout

Most of the people today are switching screens to browse the internet or to find particular information. So, in order to target all the audience specific to your business, a website should be made compatible with all the devices. With single codes and URL, websites are optimized giving great user experience.

Direct Connecion provided complete solutions for responsive web designs designed & developed by our experienced minds.

Some salient features of our responsive web designs-
Easy navigation
Optimal viewing experience
Optimized for all devices
User-friendly layout
Less redirects

Take your business to new heights with a unique and modern website. Our salient features include-

Unbeatable designs and feel.
Modern design trends.
Creative approach.
Expert team.
Emphasis on details.

We strive to build a website for you which turns your website visitors into a buyer of your product or client of your service.
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